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Are you ready to experience your own transformation? 



Where "Victoriously Aligned Living

Unlocks everything." - Isa Rooney

What It Is & What You Can Expect

INSIDE The V.A.L.U.E. Incubator Community

Join a one-of-a-kind community for women seeking to grow intentionally, deepen their faith in God, trust themselves on a new level & lead their lives powerfully.

Do you crave more depth and intimacy with God, yourself, and others? Do you feel like there is something inside of you that hasn’t yet been unlocked…no matter how hard you have tried or prayed? Are you ready to experience deep inner healing and expansive results versus circling the same issues year after year expecting something to change? Have you been longing for a community of deeply spiritual, kingdom-minded women who are committed to creating lives they love? If so, you're in the right spot! Book your consultation and get started for next semester.


The V.A.U.L.E Incubator

I work my program in 4 month semesters. When you join, it is a 4 month deep dive into your transformation and life mapping. Check out the details below.

- This is where you get a huge amount of support to launch and grow your unique business. From a values based, femininely-aligned heart position with strategic plan for expansion, service and impact.

- You get all of option A ( Community Track) PLUS...


- (2) entrepreneurial mastermind sessions monthly (for business builders)


- (2) 60 min. one-on-one sessions PER SEMESTER with Isa 

COST:  $500 monthly for (4) months OR PAY IN FULL $2000 and receive a bonus one-on-one coaching session with Isa.

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What Clients Are Saying...

“As someone who doesn't like to share or be open about significant personal matters, I’ve been able to share and grow as a member of this community. I have greatly appreciated learning more about everyone’s story while at the same time appreciating the pieces of my life that have made me who I am today. This experience has made me more passionate about personal growth and uncovering more of my authentic self. TVI has strengthened my ability to trust my own intuition and my faith in God’s plan.”

“TVI has become the highlight of my week. I love to sign in and see these wonderful women I am in community with and see the warmth and love Isa gives. I have felt accepted, challenged, and loved. Isa gently directs us to the depths with such ease. We are only asked to make 1% shifts. The baby steps are exactly what I need for this evolution and growth in my life… all seeped in this unconditional love and acceptance Isa brings straight down from heaven. She is a gift. TVI is a gift. I’m so grateful I found it.”

“This semester was a personal whirlwind. I think it encompassed every emotion, thought, trigger, etc. It was a season of breakthrough but also being stretched into new levels. I have been pushed to the edge of wanting to completely give up, resort to old patterns, some of which snuck in, but through it all, I am realizing I am worth it. I am worth being loved. I am worth fighting for. I am a beautiful woman of God & even though I am imperfect, I get to choose who I show up to be. It is not easy by any means and it takes work. Between the practical tools Isa has given & the opportunity to discuss an array of topics that cover the areas of our lives we face every day, I have had to stop and truly reflect. It has given me the tools to make small yet effective changes within my everyday life that have allowed me to release control, open up lines of communication with my husband, have more patience with my 1 year old & experience true joy instead of walking around triggered and angry all the time.


I've also never had someone to truly fight for me, to call me out on my "ish" & call me to rise up to who I truly am and not back down into my old ways. It was one of the most eye opening experiences & brings me to tears to know that this exists and I am worthy of it.”

“TVI has been the answer to my prayers. I have tried many groups, mostly consisting of women, plus a childhood PTSD therapy group, and none have felt this authentic, safe or challenging me to ask the right questions of myself about my life. I have been on a rollercoaster of emotional and spiritual healing the last several years, and this semester of TVI has brought so much healing, friendship, and discipline to my life and I look forward to how it continues. I am ready to do deeper work, not just clean things up on the surface of my life. I am finally ready, in large part thanks to Isa and TVI, to put in the time and patience and diligence it takes to reach my highest and best self.”

“TVI has created the exact kind of community I have been looking for. I love the personal growth that I experience and thoroughly enjoy walking with others on their journey.”

“My testimonial of my journey this semester has been truly an amazing experience. I love doing life with you. I love exploring parts of myself that I’ve abandoned and buried for so long — allowing the negative patterns to come up to the surface to breathe and shine some light and release it. It’s been powerful to see that I’ve grown so much through doing inner work. I have felt all the feelings, which has been great for me because I haven’t really experienced deep feelings in the past. This has been my first time doing coaching and really getting messy, vulnerable and knowing myself on a deeper level. This process has allowed me to come out of my shell and become more peaceful, confident and willing to show up for myself in huge ways than ever before. When I get out of my own way, I feel like I soar.”

“I have experienced spiritual growth along with a deeper understanding of my internal world and how God wants to heal that. My eyes have been opened to other areas I could serve people leading to new business ideas. I have broken things off that I had been carrying for to long in an intimate space that church could not provide. Although I did not see some of the goals I had for this semester come to pass, I know I’m in a better place to see those goals through and truly celebrate them when I do accomplish them.”

“This is the first time that I’ve ever been in a community of women that are committed to growth and positivity. Simply hearing everyone’s stories and breakthrough continued to push me to press in because it can be done. How I viewed growth, coaching, self improvement, etc. has shifted immensely. Now, moving forward, I know I have the ability to work out what God asks me to without feeling shame. I have a love for myself that I never had before.”

“TVI has been a wealth of knowledge and growth for me. Being intentional about creating space for myself to grow and go deep has helped in all areas of my life.”

“I have really enjoyed this space and what’s it’s helping me to create and how my inner self is changing and becoming more free, there’s so many aha moments and I can’t wait for next semester!”

Move through pain, define success on your terms and design a life YOU LOVE. 

xoxo, Isa

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